Call Tracking

Call tracking is the type of ROI your can hear. As a feature that can be tethered to many of our existing services, call tracking allows you to find out how the customer heard about you. By combining simple number tracking with database tracking, KTBS Digital can precisely and accurately identify the caller, their location, their name, and which strategy brought them to you. Tracking phone calls with real-time data empowers you to adapt your Internet marketing strategy to the evolving market and provides the ability to audit customer service and lead acquisition.

This service provides one local or toll free tracking number routed to the number of your choosing, allowing you to see calls generated from website traffic and listen to the recordings of those calls. Review, sort, and filter out non-prospects from your tracked calls, providing accurate cost-per-lead analysis and sales conversion percentages. Additional numbers are also available for tracking other ad sources.

Reporting of ad sources (website), date, time, duration and caller’s phone numbers, as well as names and addresses for all publicly listed callers, helps you build a database of prospects, and reconnect with lost leads. Analyze your employees’ sales skills by reviewing and grading sales calls based on specific criteria. Through comprehensive performance evaluations, targeted training courses are recommended to improve sales and customer care performance.

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