Digital Marketing Solutions with Data-Driven Results Advertising

With the ever-changing viewing dynamics, web advertising just makes good sense. advertising offers tremendous opportunities that get you seen by hundreds of thousands of users in the place they are going to at home, at work, or on the go.

Programmatic Advertising

Let your customers do the work in finding you through their buying habits, patterns and web searches. It is automated buying for your business on more than 80,000 websites putting you where your
best customers are!

YouTube TrueView

Geo-targeted and Channel targeted pre-roll on YouTube that is customized to your target audience. And, in a way that saves you money by only paying for those individuals who are interested in your type of product or service.

Call Tracking

By combining simple number tracking with database tracking, KTBS Digital can precisely and accurately identify the caller, their location, their name, and which strategy brought them to you. This is a great add-on service to any strategy, or a stand-alone marketing feature to discover the efforts that work best for you.

Creative Services

KTBS proudly hosts a complete, full-service Marketing and Production Department offering their services to commercial clients, advertising agencies, as well as our internal departments. Services include video, audio, editing, graphic design, and integrated campaign design.

TV Advertising

KTBS LLC provides TV advertising options on 7 different stations: KTBS, KPXJ, 24-Hour News, 24-Hour Weather, MeTV, Movies!, and Antenna TV. Plus, direct advertising on our website, news app and weather app. And, with all those options, there is a plan to fit every budget.

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